The BIG secret

Hello, my name is Les Pounder and I am a writer, trainer, hacker, maker who loves messing around with the Raspberry Pi.

For the last few weeks, I have worked with Mereside Primary School, in particular Tom Sale, to produce two projects for PA Consulting annual coding competition. At this time I can’t tell you what they are, but rest assured they are awesome, and that is because the children that designed them are awesome.


Tom and I had an idea today, to host a hack day for schools in the area.

The purpose of the hackday is to introduce schools to the wonders of the Raspberry Pi, via a fun day of learning, making and hacking.

The goal of the day is for each schools team to produce a new show piece for our own version of Blackpool’s famous Illuminations.

We are extremely lucky to be supported by Pimoroni, who have kindly donated a PiGlow for every team. Massive thanks to them!

The hackday will be on June 18th and tickets will be released in the coming weeks.